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Manufacturing ERP System- Multi level inventory

Valve & Pipes manufacturing industry in India is witnessing rapid growth which is very encouraging news for the people who are working on this field. As per the latest statistics as of today the Indian valve industry is pegged at Rs 4,500 crore (with exports contributing about Rs 1,000 crore) and growing at 10-15 per cent annually. Demand for Valves & Pipes is growing from all sectors, including oil and gas, energy, water, waste water and infrastructure development. Thus, making the industry very competitive. Given the competition for Valves Manufacturers, it is extremely important for manufacturers to have a unified integrated ERP solution that would help them gain operational excellence and help them stay ahead of competitors.


Generally, work orders of valve are extremely complex in nature with all the orders have different parameters such as its Types, Size, Class, and other measurements. This make the manufacturing of Valves & Pipes a complex procedure with lot of customization which need to be engineered and then produced. Outsourcing of Casting work is yet another factor that leads to delay in deliverables.

To design, source, manufacture, sell, and deliver a new product rapidly for a new, potentially lucrative market given in today’s realities is not an easy job. In many cases the suppliers are located in North America, Europe, and China; the customers are in the U.S., Europe, and Japan; the factories are in different cities of India. Managing the whole process from the manufacturing to delivery becomes a herculean task. Late deliverables can lead to tight cash-flow. Cash crunch can result in shortage of working capital. Any short coming in manufacturing process can affect the quality of product. Apart from these factors there are other customer related management such customer service and maintenance which needs to managed efficiently that also demands financial support. All these factors makes the whole process a big challenge and you must be competitive to succeed with your rivals in this field. You must also deliver your product at a target price and brace yourself for margin erosion when competition sets in.

Isn’t a frightening scenario? Certainly. Unusual? Fortunately not. Dupat Infotronicx Pvt Ltd has a ERP software designed for Valve & Pipe manufacturers keeping in mind operational and information Excellence. We have developed some customised modules for Valve & Pipe manufacturing units to generate BOM automatically that is going to help in a big way in your business process.

Business Benefits

Maintain All the specification & requirements of Valve Manufacturing Process as per ISO and API

  • Performance Test like Chemical, Physical, Impact, MPT, UT, Radio Grapy etc…

  • Auto Plan for Production, Job work , Raw Material , Brought Out parts

  • Maintain History & Traceability of Each & Every Valves & its Parts

  • Maintain Approve Price list of Each and every parts supplier wise

  • pending Purchase Order (Party wise/Order wise/Item Wise)

  • Control Minimum and Maximum Level Of Inventory

  • Increase Efficiency in Effective Inventory Management

  • Pending Sales Order ( party wise/ O.A.wise/Item Wise )

  • Maintains Manufacturing Process of Each parts.

  • Price Comparison Chart, Control Inventory

  • show you Inventory level at Process wise

  • Maintain History Of Pattern & Inventory

  • In-Coming Material’s Rework Reports

  • In Process Material Inspection Reports

  • In-coming Material Rejection Reports

  • Test Certificate Management System

  • Calibration & Maintenances Alerts

  • Document warehousing system

  • Cutting Down operating Cost

  • In-House Rejection Analysis

  • In-House Rework Analysis


  • Process Flow Diagram

  • Inquiry , Follow Up and Quotation Generation

  • Purchase Order Analysis and Order Booking

  • Pre Production Analysis

  • BOM generation

  • Production

  • Billing , Excise and EXIM document Generation

  • Stock & Purchase

  • Job Work analysis

  • MIS (Reports)

  • Human Resource management


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