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Rapid Application Development

INFOTRONICX™ Rapid Application Development Service (RAD) Software

Infotronicx™ Rapid application development (RAD) is a software development methodology used to expedite the application development process. RAD's approach towards software development emphasis more on the adaptive process than on planning. In the RAD model, the functional modules are developed as prototypes and are integrated to form a complete product. There are quick implementation methods wherein features are exposed gradually and changes incorporated immediately. It uses readily available libraries and pre-built components to build applications thus saves time and provides benefits for companies of all sizes.

Why to choose INFOTRONICX™ Rapid Application Development [RAD] Service ?


We help startups grow faster, with less risk

  • A quick go-to-the-market app development solution

  • Innovative mobile apps on a budget

  • Hands-on involvement in the development process from start to finish

  • Increase ROI with value-driven development

  • Apps typically developed and delivered within weeks

  • Reduces the overall project risk and cost

  • Uses readily available tools for quicker and better app integration

  • Encourages user feedback throughout the development cycle

What is the capability of RAD approach for complex apps and architectures?

There are chances that when you develop an app, you require codes made from scratch. In such a case, we can use RAD approach to develop the application with the available libraries and pre-defined components and do a custom code for the part for which the libraries aren’t available. The extent to which such customization would be required can be evaluated during the first stage of RAD process. Hence, it is equally viable to use RAD for building complex apps and architectures.

How do RAD based apps perform in real-life situations?

The performance of RAD based apps would be similar to the web apps, mobile apps built or developed with custom or any other app development approach.

How is Rapid Application Development different from Agile?

  • The working software or project is delivered quickly (mostly in weeks rather than months) in agile whereas in RAD no specific time-frame is recommended though the emphasis is on speed.

  • Simplicity is essential in agile. Whereas, RAD does not emphasize on reducing the work but proclaims in there will be less work in the long run.

  • In Agile, there is close cooperation between business and developers. In RAD, there is no equivalent cooperation as in agile though feedback from end users is critical in this process.

Our Team is Expert on Below Technologies


  •,, C#,, C++, HTML, CSS, JAVA, Python, Perl/CGI, PHP, R, SWIFT, PowerShell, etc.

  • Frameworks like ionic, MVC, Data Aquarium, Angular, Apache Cordova, React, Node.JS, BootStrap, etc.

  • Web and Dynamic Reporting Tools like Crystal Reports, SQL Reports SSRS, Power BI, Qlik Sense, Data Studio, etc.

  • Database Technologies like MS SQL Server, RedShift, Oracle, MySQL, PostGres, BigQuery, SAP DB, IBM DB2, etc.

  • Plug-in App Development for SAP S/4, SAP S/4 HANA, Oracle e-Business Suite, Oracle Apex, SAP Business One, Salesforce CRM, IBM Maximo, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc. 

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