LMS – Learning Management System and GMP Training Software

Infotronicx Pharmasol GMP software like Pharmaceutical Learning Management System (PLMS), GMP Training Software has been developed in such a way that it manages and oversees an array of on-the-job and research trainings in pharma, healthcare-specific employee training, development and research cycle starting from induction for employees to the final training completion. These trainings are carried out so that team members and employees are better equipped for the roles that have been designated to them. All of these trainings are done in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOP), and policies and also ensure that they meet the compliance requirements as per 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, GAMP, MHRA, GMP or cGMP, ISO and other regulatory standards

Infotronicx Pharmaceutical Learning Management System - PLMS plays a crucial role for both small- and large-scale pharma companies, offering a range of features like scheduling the sessions, tracking the sessions as well as employees’ trainings, metrics such as Employee wise To-Do List, Failed Attempt of the user, etc. An PLMS allows users to access and deliver training, providing a variety of training content to all the department employees and thus helping organizations to enhance their knowledge. It can track and report user training performance, employee training and learning activities, tracking training progress and completion

The types of training required for employees to work in the Pharmaceutical, Life sciences, Healthcare industry complying with the industry guidelines include Environmental Training, Compliance Training, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) training, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) training etc

Few Capabilities of an Infotronicx Pharmasol PLMS System are:

  • Instructor-led training.

  • Assignment of responsibilities

  • Course Calendars

  • Scheduling Sessions

  • Curriculum planning

  • Delivery of tests and assessments

  • Tracking and reporting of trainee progress and performance

  • Generation of certifications

Key Features of Infotronicx Pharmasol PLMS for Pharmaceutical Companies

Infotronicx Pharmasol FDA 21 CFR Part 11 GMP Training and Tracking module is developed to provide smooth learning, on-the-job training across the organization. Therefore, our Pharmaceutical Compliance Training Module is known for its effectiveness in enhancing production. It also aids production by giving an insight into what the operator wants to know and features a calendar and column for individual records. Our systematic approach has been thoroughly assessed and approved by admins all over the world and trusted by leading companies. Below is the list of some key offerings for our unique PLMS


With a Learning Management System (PLMS) your course content, data, and training materials are all in one handy place. Your learners can effortlessly access courses and you can deliver consistent, effective training to everyone across your organization

You should also be able to create examinations, question and answers, quizzes, and surveys within the system to assess learner performance and gather feedback


The feasibility also lies with the learner to self-register themselves for the courses from their “To Do List” and continue their training.

Once a course is uploaded or published you will decide which of your learners or employees are to be enrolled. It has the ability of retraining and also act as a trainer to each person.

Infotronicx Pharmasol PLMS System can organize and offer training materials based on Job role.This makes employees find their trainings easily which are relevant to their job role.


Role-based training refers to the unique approach and customized training programs, depends on the specific roles and job functions in organization. It includes task-based and customized training including the workflow and collaboration.Role-based Training puts the training in the context of a specific role and what it takes to perform in that role.

The Employee Training Software system automatically creates new records which are assigned if the user is matched to the required user group based on their job responsibilities, functions, competencies,and updates when the change control has been approved


  • Allows for timely distribution of alerts and notifications to all defaulters regarding calendar schedule, pending tasks, upcoming progress and incomplete or completion of their training processes.

  • The inactivated records can also be tracked.

  • Infotronicx Pharmasol PLMS solution automatically tracks all learning sessions, record, and histories

  • It automatically cancels scheduled sessions when users are changed to other departments or divisions.

  • Aids in the revision of the training materials and auto update of the scheduled sessions with the latest version of the training material.

  • Temporary Role Management is the Unique Feature we have included in our System which allows employees assign their tasks to colleagues in case of their Absence or non-availability.

  • You can also view specific details such as how many users/learners have scheduled, passed, failed or not attended a particular course or training session.

  • You can also keep track of employee’s current and previous job role details and also life time training details through our result reports feature.

  • Send alerts on Static due date, # of days due date, or no due date


Infotronicx Pharmasol Learning Management System supports multi-languages. It also allows for seamless integration with QMS, DMS and HR modules as well as integrates with Single Sign on (SSO)

This PLMS System works with a special Bio-metric fingerprint technology and allows for third party integration with other platforms


  • It can immediately prepare reports for management, client, regulatory and auditor requests.

  • The system is accompanied dynamic reports and matrices.

  • Our Training Management System is capable of offering certificates to both learners and trainers after the Successful completion of trainings.

  • This Learning Management Software can generate various reports like User Reports, Job Role Reports, Group Reports, On-the-job (OJT) Reports, Curriculum Reports and many more


  • It is designed in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements such as electronic signatures, electronic records, audit trails, secure password authentication etc.

  • It ensures good manufacturing practice and on the job training via yearly training schedules and external training programs

  • It enables managers to easily identify defaulters at risk of falling out of compliance with their learning requirements. It makes use of online dashboards and easy-to-use search tools to do this.

  • Once created record can’t be deleted and will always be available for tracking and reference.


  • Organization of online and offline training sessions, Hybrid Classroom Sessions can be done easily with the Training Calendar and Schedule option.

  • Trainees are assigned specific course levels to enhance trainings.

  • The system has different certification types e.g. questionnaire, practical and verbal discussions.

  • The Learning Management System is user-friendly and frequently updates the competency needs and progress of employees in training.

  • Works with a special Bio metric fingerprint technology which offers Bio metric classroom attendance and also you can overwrite bio metric credentials whenever it is necessary.

Benefits of Infotronicx Pharmaceutical Training Management System


  • It can be accessed anywhere in the world as it is web-based. The Training Management Software allows for request managements and also provides a centralized location for all the activities.

  • Employees can access the trainings from their To-Do list and hence complete the required trainings with in the stipulated time.

  • Infotronicx Pharmaceutical PLMS Software application can also be accessed through the cloud links.


  • This Learning Management System (PLMS) or GMP Training Software accommodates all training information into a single system and this makes it easy to ensure that each staff member receives appropriate learning and training.

  • Once the employee self-registered for the required trainings, they can auto populate in their To-Do list and also sends employees auto reminders about the trainings to be completed.

  • Our system automatically sets the eligibility criteria for Accessing trainings based on the Learner’s performance in the assessments.

  • The system automatically records and documents all trainings conducted for the purpose of detailed audits.

  • This Learning Management has been patterned to reduce risks of poor quality products by triggering ad-hoc training and continuous process for all industry personnel.

  • Infotronicx Pharmasol PLMS System has Image based examination features which provides interactive learning experience for the learners.

  • Knowledge Library is also included in our PLMS system through which employees can learn and Revise the required content.


  • Infotronicx Pharmaceutical LMS System is defined as a 4 staged approach that fits into Learning Automation Objectives. Also, business/ Functional Requirements can be defined based on the first stage of implementation without causing any change.

  • Infotronicx provides the best solution (functional and Technical) that will address automation need as per 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 Compliance with a strong knowledge of QMS and GMP.

  • Training Management Software eliminates non-compliance to regulatory bodies and ensures process automation at zero cost of process change.

  • LMS Module eliminates and replaces the manual processes to reduce the risk of unnecessary human errors


Completion is guaranteed with seamless integration with QMS modules like Change Control, CAPA, Document Management System (DMS) and this integration is carried out at a very minimal cost.


  • It produces metric reports or trends that are exclusively analytical, visually eye-catching and very easy to comprehend.

  • Graphical report is also present for better understanding of the users.

  • This SOP Training Software ensures efficiency across the organization in carrying out its activities as it is goal oriented, web-based and user-friendly.

Leaning Management System & GMP Training

Training Need Identification (TNI) Vs Departments

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