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History & Milestone

2019-2020 :

- Developed File Tracking and Document Management Solution.

- Developed Weapons Tracking and Armory Management Solution.

- Adopted RAD (Rapid Application Development) platforms.

- Introduced RTLS (Realtime Location Systems)/ BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)/ UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Tracking.

- Applied for Various Partnerships like SAP, Oracle, ZKTeco etc.

2017-2018 :

- Developed Warehouse Management Software for Warehouse & Logistics Industry.

- Developed Learning and Training Management Solution for Pharmaceuticals Industry.

- Upgraded Stability Chamber Management Solution to BootStrap UI/UX.

- Developed Change Parts Management Solution with Microsoft MVC 5.0 Framework.

- Got Certified for Zebra Independent Software Vendor.

2015-2016 :

- Developed various products for Pharmaceuticals Industry.

- Integrated 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance standards in all our Products. 

- Developed Asset Management & CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Softwares.

- Developed Various Validation Protocols for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance & Tested and validated all softwares.

- Integrated Barcode and UHF RFID solutions in our products. Developed Mobile Applications.

- Certified for ISO 9001:2015 Standards across company operation.


2013-2014 :

- Enhanced our online solution for MANUFACTURING Industry.

- Adopted ISO 9001:2015 Process Standards. Applied for ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

- Apprised for CMMI Level 3 Practice and Software Development Methodology. 

2012-2013 :

- Enhanced our online solution for INSURANCE Industry.

- Started various company trainings through online LMS system.

- Started adopting Six Sigma Zero Error approach in our scheduled deliveries.

2011-2012 :

- Enhanced our service up to industry best level in Remote Infrastructure management.

- Executed various OMR /ICR outsourcing work.
- Introduced Network security solutions.
- Introduced Premise Security Automation Solutions.


2010-2011 :

- Introduced our solutions in “Freight Forwarding & Shipping Industry”
- Introduced our solutions in “Packaging Industry”

- Became Pioneer in Cloud Platform Utilization in Industry by using it first.

- Made all our solutions Cloud Platform Ready.

2009-2010 :

- Enhanced our all solutions to industry best standard and converted almost every solution to online platform.

- Adopted 100 % fully automated UI/UX testing with test automation tools.

- Adopted checker / maker approach in code review and peer code testing. 

2008-2009 :

- Introduced our solutions to “Outdoor  / Indoor Publicity” segment.

- Introduced High Definition outdoor LED Display technology in India.

- Became First ISO 9001:2008 Certified Total IT Solutions Company in Gujarat.

2007-2008 :

- Introduced our solutions in OMR / OCR / ICR segments.

2006-2007 :

- Introduced our solutions in “Automobile Industry”

- Started working on Collaborative Source Control Technology like Microsoft Team Foundation Systems.

2005-2006 :

- Introduced our solutions in “Tolls & Transport” segment

- Launched fully Automated Toll Collection Equipments.

- Introduced UHF RFID / HF RFID and LF RFID Products.

2004-2005 :

- Our core development platform was Microsoft visual basic which we started to switch over to
- Infotronicx has delivered solutions in many segment like Medical ,Education and Industrial Automation
- We have designed several websites and e-business products.


2003-2004 :

- Mr. Shaan Dudhia established his proprietary company "INFOTRONICX" with humble beginnings.

- Infotronicx is converted to “DUPAT INFOTRONICX PVT LTD” a private limited company.
- Worked on solution for traffic signals and Highway safety

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