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Prevent unauthorized usage of laptops, theft and misuse in your organization with RFID. Get detailed information of all laptops in the organization, on the top of your palm.

Sounds surreal? With Infotronicx™ RFID, you as a manager or administrator of IT assets can have real-time insights on every laptop assigned to the employees of the organization


While laptops will move in and out of organization with the allotted personnel, Infotronicx™ Laptop Tracking System (ILTS) enables identifying and tracking a laptop, assigning a particular laptop to a particular user, maintaining complete history of laptop users and details of its usage.

Most importantly, it provides alerts and alarms in case of unwarranted situations and helps better management of all laptops in the organization. This prevents unauthorized usage of laptops, theft and misuse.

RFID is used in laptop tracking for:

  • Monitoring and tracking movement of a laptop

  • Tracking and identifying owners and users of laptop with photos

  • Identifying the deviations from expected location or condition

  • Triggering/exception based alerts or specific warning notifications

  • Accessing historical data to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks

  • Maintaining the Inventory and history for a Laptop

Benefits of Infotronicx™ Laptop Tracking System (ILTS) are as below:

Fully automated system: Enables identification of user and laptop at any location and ensures tracking of unauthorized access.

Auto tagging facility: Multiple laptops can be assigned to unique and reusable Tag IDs in a single click.

Live tracking: ILTS enables live tracking and display of laptops and users during in and out with images of users.

Import and Export: ILTS has detailed data importing and exporting tools including Microsoft Excel. Multiple laptops or users can be imported on a single click with pre-assigned unique tags.

Report Generation: ILTS has user-friendly and customized report generator with flexibility to select user defined criteria. Charts and Graphs can be generated accordingly and reports can be modified and saved in various formats for future sessions.

Hardware Lock: ILTS provides data security through hardware lock and guarantees data autonomy, integrity and authenticity through password protection.

Seamless Integration with RFID technology: ILTS allows seamless integration with existing inventory management system, with new hardware (readers), underlying databases and existing environment (LAN).

Data Backup: ILTS ensures that there is no data loss. It provides automatic and manual backup facility.

Flexibility: Flexibility to work with multiple readers at a time. It supports organizations with multiple (group of) companies.

Advanced search capabilities: ILTS provides quick and advanced search features such as searching for a particular laptop or user within all available fields. ILTS also allows users to sort as per fields and locate the required information.

Alerts and Alarms: ILTS send alerts and triggers alarms for unauthorized use of laptops or when users enter unpermitted areas. Users receive alerts through Email and SMS.

Categories and image tagging: ILTS provides user defined category types, unlimited photo and images uploads which enables easy identification of vehicles. It also facilitates capturing of photos or videos with live camera.


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