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The Infotronicx™ Freight Forwarder ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution is a software system that helps freight forwarding companies manage their business processes.The Infotronicx™ Freight Forwarder ERP Solution features a robust order management system that enables users to manage the entire order process, from quotation to delivery. The system enables users to create and manage orders, track shipments, and generate invoices.

An ERP system tailored for freight forwarders helps streamline and integrate various aspects of their business processes, including logistics, supply chain management, documentation, and financial activities. Here are some key features and functionalities typically found in a freight forwarder ERP system:

  • Order Management

  • Shipment Tracking

  • Warehouse Management

  • Customs and Compliance

  • Vendor Management

  • Financial Management

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Document Management

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Integration Capabilities

  • Mobile Access

Customizing the ERP to match your company's unique processes and requirements can greatly enhance its effectiveness in streamlining your freight forwarding operations.

Infotronicx™ Freight Forwarder ERP Solution

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