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Weapon Tracking System

The weapons tracking solution utilizes RFID technology to track weapons, ammunition and other valuable assets. The system provides an audit trail as to who, what, when and where of weapons inventory. Portable RFID Readers are used to rapidly inventory weapons and other gear and find items that are misplaced or missing

The objective of the weapon Tracking system is to give an immediate issue/no issue decision on weapon type and level of officer authorization and provide quick information regarding the current location and status of a weapon within the firing range complex. The system provides an auditable record of all firearms issues, returns and movements and weapon maintenance information by providing the management information and generates report based on real time information captured, to include a full weapon inventory at any given time.

Features and Capabilities of our Solution

  • Detect when a weapon has been drawn and discharged

  • Report the number of rounds fired and the trajectory of each weapon issuance

  • Intelligent interface detects weapons are outbound or inbound within the firing range

  • Detect the number of rounds of ammunition issued to each firing range

  • Integrates to the existing security system to raise an alarm or SMS when any unauthorized incident occurs

Our System benefits includes:

Improve the efficiency and day to day management of the firearms issue information using a user friendly computer based system and effective use of RFID fixed reader technology

Introduces tighter controls on the weapons management process and the ability to produce accurate, up to date reports for audit trial purpose

The system capabilities can also be extended to controlling and monitoring access to armory

Secure Exchanges of Weapons Ammunition & Equipment In Your Amory

The RFID Armory Management System uses the latest in database software and RFID technology to enhance the security, accountability, and efficiency of your armory. The system is designed to track and inventory weapons, ammunition, and equipment as these items are issued, returned, and stored. The RFID Armory Management System maintains a complete chain of custody on each asset in the database from initial acquisition to final disposition as well as actively managing personnel access to those assets. RFID chips are stored discreetly within each asset and RFID antennas mounted at armory exchange windows to automatically track assets as they are issued and returned. The system is monitored by a touch screen monitor affixed to each exchange window and is optimized for fast, accurate, and secure exchanges.

With the RFID Armory Management System, armory exchanges have never been faster and more secure. The system automates the verification processes for personnel, posts, and hardware in addition to automatically tracking verifying and reporting equipment as it moves in and out.

Taking Inventory of Weapons With RFID Amory Management System

A typical armory inventory requires approximately three man hours to complete. Using the system’s portable RFID scanner, a typical inventory takes less than 10 minutes. The armorer simply waves the scanner over each storage rack and the scanner automatically detects all present weapons and equipment. When the armorer reconnects the scanner to the RFID Armory Management System’s software, the database is updated with the current location of all inventoried equipment.


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