Lab Incident Reporting and Tracking Software

Lab Incident Reporting Solution is web-based incident reporting software for pharma, biotech healthcare and life science organizations to support the electronic management of incidents while ensuring proper documentation, investigation, reporting and escalation.

A good quality management system should be able to capture quality events at the Starting point itself. They may occur while containment, corrective action, and preventive action. Some of such quality events are Non-conformance’s, Deviations, Variances and Customer Complaints while some other observations may not fit any of these categories. These non quality issues might be ignored or fed into one of these event handling systems regardless of suitability which makes handling system clogged and slowed down.

So pharma companies require effective incident management software which captures a wide variety of quality and non-quality events and communicate them to the appropriate channels.

Infotronicx Pharmasol has designed and developed a robust Lab Incident Reporting system for maintaining laboratories safer and more communicative environment

Simple and effective work flow of Infotronicx Pharmasol Lab incident Reporting Software

Easy Access

  • Infotronicx Pharmasol LIR (Lab Incident Reporting) system can be accessed from every computer logged into the intranet of the department.

  • Incidents are reported anonymously in your preferred language.

Work Flow

  • The LIR “reviewer,” who could be a primary investigator (PI), a lab manager, or any other person who can assess reports, is alerted to incoming reports via email and notifications.

  • The reviewer assigns a risk category (low to high), determines responsibilities, initiates required measures, and decides who is responsible for their implementation.

  • All reported incidents are analyzed in a regular quality assurance conference. Depending on the nature of the reported incident, additional expert members may be invited to join the discussion.

  • Time critical events are processed immediately. After respective members have decided to specific prevention measures, responsibilities, and an action plan.

Easy Communication

  • Appropriate preventive measures are communicated to all members of the department.

  • These messages are accessible to everyone and are permanently archived in the LIR system.

  • Errors and incidents are communicated anonymously, unless the incident report includes the details of reporting person and consent to reveal his or her identity.

  • Few examples of incidents reported via our LIR include injuries when working in lab, wrong labeling of solutions and chemicals, mix-ups in the experimental animals, and loss of data due to instrument write failures.

If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from Infotronicx Pharmasol Lab Incident Reporting, please contact us.