HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Column Usage Tracking Software

Infotronicx’s HPLC Column Management Software is an essential application allows tracking, managing and handle complete HPLC Columns Inventory and their activities tasks for any laboratory within Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Healthcare, and life sciences companies, etc. Infotronicx HPLC Column Usage Software is designed to address all the challenging chromatography problems and issues and reducing the timeliness of an organization.

Each Chromatography Column listed in the inventory has its own booking details, Performance, Cumulative Injections and status of history can be easily tracked against each HPLC Column. In addition, it automates the entry of data in related record card details on column care, storage conditions, validation tests, location, packing material and performance and restriction on usage. This Column Usage Log offers users to create an inventory of their column.

Infotronicx™HPLC Column Management Solution is designed to meet and comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, US FDA and EU Annex 11 and other standards. Infotronicx’s HPLC Column Usage helps in managing the Columns Manager as per the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Challenges of HPLC Column (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) in Pharma Industry

High Performance Liquid Chromatography is widely used in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotech Laboratories which is a costly consumable item, regardless of price and most critical component as far as the different analysis goes on. The analyst doesn’t know what solvents are currently in the columns manager, any buffers in the that and samples went through the column to ensure it is not contaminated further.

In the present scenario, the majority of Pharmaceutical and Life sciences companies using logbooks to identify and manage Column Usage. This is a major challenge to get a detailed summary report on the usage of the column, the number of cumulative injections and sometimes the duplication mapping of the same column for different products at the same time.

Sometimes, the column is retired without even using as there is no track on the columns and at times using the column which is too old. Moreover, it is very difficult to track and identify the production logs, equipment logs, column usage logs, etc

Features of Infotronicx Pharmasol HPLC Column Usage Tracking Software

Column Management

  • It creates an Inventory of all HPLC Column Management

  • Helps to record all column usage logs and column validation test results

  • Tracks the records of cumulative injections

  • Identify individual column booking for the product, expired columns are not displayed for booking Column Usage Logs

  • Column usage log provides controlled access for data based on user roles.

  • Columns are bar-coded with the software for auto-generation of column usage time which helps in optimizing the column life.

  • Barcode Feature helps the user in avoiding manual mistakes in the Software too.

  • This will able to track and identify all the logs of Column Usage Logs.

  • When a column is in use, the same column cannot be used or initiated for booking system and it gives an error if we try to book the same column.

Column tracking

  • HPLC Column Tracking software allows the system to generate an automatic notification alert on washing cycles of the column at assigned intervals.

  • Allows the system to displays the status of the column as allotted/not allotted and idle/in use to track this helps the analyst while selecting the column for analysis.

  • When a column retires its status changes to the retired column and that column will no longer be available for booking.

  • Infotronicx Pharmasol HPLC Software also tracks the solvents and buffers in the column by the previous user.

  • Keep track record on column back pressure which is one of the critical factors to monitor while using columns.

  • Bar-code Feature helps the user in avoiding manual mistakes in the Software too.

  • This will able to track and identify all the logs of Column Usage Logs

Generating reports

• HPLC Column Software allows to Prints Inventory report, Column Usage report and Audit Trail for reference on column history

Benefits of Infotronicx Pharmasol HPLC Column Management Tracking Software

Monitoring Back Pressure

•  Constant observation on column back pressure for a better understanding of the performance of the column.

Column usage tracking

• Tracks down the history of HPLC Column Usage for the entire Column Life cycle

• Notification, warning alerts on washing cycles to prolong the life of the column

  • HPLC Column Usage Tracking Software records the information that allows verification of history & to locate the location of the product to avoid any non-compliance, which improves the synchronization, visibility & security.

Column Booking

• Streamlining the process of HPLC Column booking and management

• Avoids Duplicate Column bookings at the same time.

Column tracing

• This HPLC Column Tracking software allows easing to find the exact location of the column, automated reminders, and warnings on the columns usage or early life.

• System auto-generate the information of Column ID and Bar Code Reporting

• It also offers ease of reporting and summarizing, for stock and inventory control.

• Generate dashboards, graphs on column performance over the time

If you would like to discuss how your business can benefit from Infotronicx Pharmasol HPLC Column Management Software, pleas contact us.