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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a structured approach used to identify potential failure modes in a system, process, product, or service, assess their potential consequences, and prioritize them based on their impact and likelihood. 

Key Steps in FMEA:

  • Identify Potential Failure Modes

  • Determine Effects of Failure

  • Assign Severity, Occurrence, and Detection Ratings

  • Calculate Risk Priority Number (RPN)

  • Prioritize and Take Action

Why Why Analysis (5 Whys): The "Why Why Analysis" or "5 Whys" is a root cause analysis technique used to uncover the underlying reasons behind a problem or issue by asking "why" repeatedly. 

Steps in Why Why Analysis:

  • Identify the Problem

  • Ask "Why?"

  • Ask "Why?" Again

  • Repeat the Process

  • Identify the Root Cause

The combination of FMEA and Why Why Analysis is powerful in quality improvement efforts. FMEA helps identify potential failure modes and their impacts, while the 5 Whys technique helps uncover the underlying causes of problems. Together, they provide a systematic approach to understanding, preventing, and addressing issues within processes, products, or systems.

INFOTRONICX™- FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) & Why Why Analysis System

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